Dan Shaw-Town

Lisson Gallery, London (group show), July 2014 (link)
Dan Shaw-Town & Nestor Sanmiguel Diest, Christopher Crescent, Brussels, September 2014


Dan Shaw-Town and Josh Tonsfeldt, Unosunove, Rome, March 2014 (link)
MAISTERRAVALBUENA, Madrid (solo show), December 2013 (link)
Jump Cut, Marianne Boesky, NY (group show), September 2013 (link)
Le Ragioni della Pittura, Fondazione Malvini (group show), September 2013 (link)
Drawing Room, London (group show), April 2013 (link)

ROOM EAST, NYC (solo show), March 2013 (link)
Christopher Crescent and HD Projects (group show), March 2013 (link)

Graphite, Indianapolis Museum of Art (group show), December 2012 (link)







Unosunove with Josh Tonsfeldt, Rome, 2014





Maisterravalbuena Solo, Madrid, 2014





Jump Cut, Marianne Boesky, NYC, 2013





ROOM EAST Solo, NYC, 2013




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